Clearly telling the story of Jesus
so Children can know God and make Him known!

Through the week...

Sunday Morning

Wednesday Night

Kid's Worship

9:30 am
There is a class for every grade level, and the Gospel Project for Kids curriculum is taught, which is a chronological timeline of Bible events.  Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities and more.

Sunday School

11:00 am
Children’s Worship is a high-energy children’s church program with a strong emphasis for Jesus Christ. With the use of interactive skits, video, drama and music, Children’s Worship illustrates God’s Word in an age-appropriate way. The goal is to help children connect with God, grow in their faith, and build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kid's Praise

6 - 6:45 pm
Kids Praise is more than just singing.  
Our objectives are to help children grow both musically and spiritually;  praising the Lord both privately and publicly, for their benefit and the benefit of others.


6:45 - 7:30 pm
TeamKID is designed for Kids in Discipleship! It features Bible memory games and application of Bible truths, engaging missions videos and activities, and fun activity-based learning all while helping your kids grow to be more like Jesus.

Summer Events

Join our Children's Ministry this summer for all the fun events taking place!

Kid's Ministry Highlights!

Meet the team.

Keesha Clotfelter

Nursery Director
Keesha has been a member of Eastanallee for 15 years. She has served on the EBC Kitchen Crew for 4 years, and served as an Awana leader in the Puggles class for two years. 

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